Photo of bedroom makeover

Often people consider remodeling or decorating the “public spaces” in their homes since that is where they plan to entertain, but when you make a list of priorities maybe you should consider yourself first. Where will you receive the most benefit? And, maybe the biggest benefit will be in giving your bedroom a face-lift.

Life is busy, and that alone is a reason to have your bedroom be a refuge. Continually, studies focus on the benefits of sleep. “Sleep makes you feel better, but its importance goes way beyond just boosting, or banishing under eye circles. Adequate sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle, and can benefit your heart, weight, mind, and more,” Ayssa Sparacino, Health Magazine contributor. Beyond a great mattress let’s consider a few items to address in creating your perfect space.

Color. Painting is the biggest bang for the buck in decorating. Soft grays, blue hues, and neutral palettes are often the most soothing.

Consider window treatments with layers for day and night light control options. Blackout treatments can make a big difference for light sleepers. Functional panels can be decorative and pulled for privacy, or maybe you prefer blinds that can be adjusted to let the sun shine through. Sheers are a great option for defusing the light and possibly camouflage an exterior view.

Layers of bedding that are easily adjusted for warm and cool weather are always a good idea. We like our clients to consider having a decorative coverlet that is pulled down in the evening with functional duvets, blankets, and linens that are easily removed for temperature control and cleaning.

There are a number of lighting options for consideration, starting with a decorative chandelier or ceiling fixture; make sure that it can be dimmed. Reading lights are important, whether you can have them added to the ceiling, wall mounted fixtures, or bedside lamps. If your room is large you might be able to add a table lamp to a dresser or a floor lamp behind a chaise for additional ambient light.

Most importantly (and regardless of budget), de-clutter your bedroom. If you gaze around the room and see stacks of unread mail, piles of laundry, or buzzing electronics, rest will not come easily to you. Do something good for yourself and create your own sanctuary.