As Lead Designer for an impressive Orange County design firm, Pauline Vertigan obtained expertise in all aspects of design from Construction Specification and Project Management all the way through to Final Placement and Finishing Touches. A 25-year veteran of the trade, she has contributed to the successful design and completion of dream homes across North America, with residential locations including California, New Jersey, Texas and Arizona. Pauline’s experience supports the success of an all-encompassing design plan, and has repeatedly instilled trust and comfort in her clients, enabling them to embrace their visions with confidence.

Regardless of the scope, style or locale of a project, each will enjoy the benefits of Pauline’s innate ability to work with varying palettes. There is a sense of mastery as she effortlessly combines patterns and textures via a distinct process established by years of successfully fulfilling the desires of very pleased clients.


Paulette has been in the interior design field for 12 years, with an emphasis on accessories within the home. Whether designing a custom area rug or discovering the perfect soap dish for a powder room, she gives her full attention to every detail. Paulette’s ability to create a cultured space designed around the unique personality of each individual client consistently fosters complete satisfaction and enduring relationships.

Ten years of regularly attending trade shows has provided Paulette with a consistent grasp of current trends and a trained eye for timelessness, even in the most contemporary of concepts. Also, this has led her to develop long-standing relationships with artists and vendors, allowing for wonderfully collaborative objects of art.

She is the embodiment of authenticity, integrity and focus. Her passion is reflected in her endless enthusiasm for design.